Assisting the rail industry

Commercial & Procurement Services
Consultancy Services
We have worked for a UK TOC to undertake a market sounding exercise to consider alternative traction types for its route(s). We presented train builders with the challenge and worked with them to identify their most appropriate solutions.

Our client was very happy with the work completed for them – providing a 5-star review saying that they would have no hesitation in recommending Enigma Seven Ltd.

Services Provided:

“The work that Enigma 7 has undertaken for us has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the complexities of the rail industry at the same time as recognising the commercial imperatives that had to be met. The analysis that was carried out was comprehensive and supported by constructive suggestions for developing possible solutions to a challenging problem.”

(TOC Senior Rail Advisor)

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Rolling stock marketing and lease support
Our customer was a newly formed asset owner that requested our help to secure leases for state-of-the-art rolling stock they were the in the process of accepting.

Our involvement was to ‘screen’ potential lessees to create a shortlist, where we then supported our client to create compelling offers, term sheets and ultimately lease agreements.

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“I have worked closely with Enigma Seven over the past five months and have found that their extensive network of relationships, rolling stock experience and desk-top publishing capabilities have really helped to accelerate our sales and marketing efforts. I would not hesitate to recommend Enigma Seven to anyone.”

(Leasing Company Managing Director)

Spend Analysis
Working with the procurement team of a UK TOC, we have used data from their procurement systems to analyse their spend and create several recommendations that can be implemented to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure policy is followed.

We were able to work with their team to ‘clean’ the data and use PowerBI to provide useful insights with a series of workshops held to understand the context of how they work and present our findings.

Services Provided:
Assisting the rail industry BI

“Enigma Seven are professional and knowledgeable, they were able to meet my requirements in full and on time.”

Head of Procurement, Train Operating Company

Procurement Process Improvement
Our client, an asset owner / leasing company, has seen a strong period of growth in their business, which means that there was limited capacity within the team to work on their internal processes. Enigma Seven were engaged to hold a workshop with the responsible Director in the business to map out how they operate at the minute, and how this can be further refined / simplified, using best practice from our combined experience.

We were able to creatively articulate this into a simplified procedure and several templates that will be used to assist the business with its future procurement and supplier management activities.

Services Provided:
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